If that little white body really has any pow that even sharingan, his eternal kaleidoscope, can observe.
That’s really helpless for Xiao Bai’s present situation, Liu Yuan.
But even so, Liu Yuan feels that he can’t do nothing.
Finally, Lu Yuan put Xiaobai in the royal beast.
Do things by yourself, and others may be able to do it.
Small tree with mythical potential, although its fighting capacity may not even be comparable to that of ordinary pet animals.
In terms of assistability, Xiaoshu is definitely the first assistant of the team.
If you give it to Xiaoshu, there may be a way to solve Xiaobai’s coma.
After watching Xiaobai’s situation, Imperial Beast Xiaoshu
I am very confident and say, "Don’t worry, master Mao Ge is undergoing some kind of transformation, and I can feel that his life level is rising."
"Although this promotion will not immediately increase its spiritual level, it will definitely be of great benefit to its future."
"You can understand that Mao Ge’s blood potential is rising."
Liu Yuan finally felt relieved to hear the young tree’s remarks.
I already have diamond-level potential, Xiao Bai. If I can further improve my potential, I’m going to reach the grade. !
In fact, Liu Yuan once wondered why the potential of Banye template would be the same as that of Tam.
I shouldn’t be at the same level as Tam and others.
But later Lu Yuan speculated that this might be because the template of Banye was a common form of Banye at that time.
There is no fusion of ten tail and columnar cells.
Without the latter two, Master Ban’s strength will not be much stronger than the average person.
But with the latter two, Master Spot is really complete.
Maybe eye white is going through such a thing.
So when Xiao Bai wakes up, Liu Yuan will know.
But one thing Liu Yuan is very sure. When Xiaobai wakes up, its strength will definitely rise to an alarming level.
Maybe then Xiaobai will be able to display some iconic skills of Master Ban.
Otherwise, it’s a little embarrassing for Spot Ye to behave in front of Big BOSS Xiaobai …
Chapter 72 Meeting of friends and relatives
Because Xiao Bai fell into a deep sleep for special reasons, Lu Yuan had to make changes to his plan.
The original idea of Luyuan is to let Xiaobai break through and then see if Xiaobai sharingan sometimes evolves into eternal kaleidoscope sharingan.
But Liu Yuan didn’t think it was Xiaobai who was able to break through the platinum level and broke through sharingan together, by the way.
According to the development of this play, it may become a mainstay of his team when Xiaobaisu wakes up.
Is this wake up much longer than Liu Yuan imagined …
Two months later, the tower of babel in fantasy world
It has been five months since the end of the first stage of the Tianwang War.
Such a long time is not only enough for the alliance to prepare.
It is also a chance for players to adjust.
At this stage, the players who can participate in the final champion Tianwang qualifying are not weaker than Platinum Five Stars.
More than if it is platinum and five stars, the strength is also to come and run with you.
If you want to get a good ranking, you must reach the strength of Platinum Seven Stars.
Of course, among the twelve people who participated in the final championship this time,
There is a person whose paper strength is not to mention platinum seven stars, and even the threshold of platinum five stars has not been reached.
This man is none other than Lu Yuan.
Although Lu Yuan’s rank is not high, no one dares to look down upon him.
After all, Liu Yuan’s record is almost a table-setting.
It is said that Lu Yuan has great strength to overcome powerful opponents many times.
Spiritual strength level can represent combat effectiveness to a certain extent.
But it doesn’t mean that a high-level psychic is necessarily better than a low-level psychic.
However, at this stage, almost every king has leapfrog combat capability.
It’s a little rare to be able to beat opponents over so many levels like Lu Yuan.

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