That is to say, the soaring people are new here and naturally have no backer background.
"The soaring person ha ha …"
Xuan Mouse Door Master said with a faint chuckle, "You are excusable to mind your own business if you just soar and don’t know the dangers of the world."
"I’ll give you a chance. I’ll kill you if I dare to say no at once!"
Chen Qianhe hurriedly said, "Su Daoyou, run away quickly and leave us alone."
"Nothing. I’m looking for someone to try my hand."
Su Mo responded by blocking Xu Ruisan’s presence.
"You, you should be careful. He is called a venerable man!"
Meng Shi, who spoke with thorns, was conscious of worrying about Su Mo at this time.
"Ha ha"
Sumo laughed. "Is he worthy of my name?"
All the people don’t know all the details of Su Mo. Hearing this sentence, they can’t help but be arrogant at heart.
The figure in front of me is shaking
Xuan Rat Door Master has made moves.
Speed posture is still fast to the extreme, and this time it’s very sudden, and you didn’t say hello to Su Mo. The door master of Xuan Mouse has already killed the crowd!
Su Mo’s body swayed slightly, and his steps moved lightly and narrowly to avoid the main offensive of the Xuan Rat Gate.
The two sides were staggered in shape, and Su Mo urged Yuan Shen’s fingers to pinch the French seal and hit a forbidden operation towards the Xuan Rat Door Master.
Years are forbidden!
Xuan mouse door door Lord leng one.
Chen Qianhe, Meng Shi and others were dumbfounded.
The prohibition of the years has no effect on the main body of the Xuan Rat Gate, and it has little effect on reducing the life expectancy of one ding Dian.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
There was a sudden burst of laughter around.
The gorgeous makeup girl laughed and pointed to Su Mo’s way, "It was the soaring person who was so stupid that he released a forbidden art to deal with the venerable one."
Su Mo’s facial expression has released two forbidden arts in succession.
The main body of the two forbidden arts, the Xuan Rat Gate, failed to have much influence on him.
Meng Shi gently cough a look of embarrassment.
Chen Qianhe couldn’t watch it anymore and couldn’t help but wake up. "Su Daoyou’s forbidden art has just touched the’ Tao’ level, which has little harm to the three-way venerable person."
Sue ink nodded suddenly in my heart.
In the middle of a thousand worlds, he faces the great and powerful such as the Lord of hell. Due to the restriction of heaven and earth rules, the realm is at most equivalent to the first change of the condensed road.
So he broke out in nine forbidden arts to be worthy of World War I.
However, it is difficult for the forbidden power to hurt such strong people as the Xuan Rat Door Master after the transformation of the condensed road and the flesh and blood Yuan God.
For the Tao, the forbidden power is half a level lower.
Unless these forbidden arts are all aware of the’ Tao’ level.
But this is not realistic.
Any one of the three thousand avenues is enough for a monk to realize his life. How can he have the energy and time to realize his avenue?
Chapter three thousand two hundred and fifty A stamp and die
Looking at Su Mo and the Xuan Rat Door Master, some people laugh at some people and worry.
Sue ink but eventually look indifferent peace of mind.
What he just told Chen Qianhe was not a joke.
He really wants to find someone to try.
In the past, although many heavenly lords fought in the world, due to the restrictions of heaven and earth rules, they could not fully exert their honour level combat power.
Su Mo has just soared and is not familiar with the honour person’s fighting style, so he has just tried to move.
Xuan mouse door door master moves again and is dodged by Su Mo flicker.
Su Mo realized the changes brought by the setting road while avoiding the main offensive of the Xuan Rat Gate.
If the forbidden power has little influence on the venerable person in the setting road.
This also means that he used to have many means, such as fighting wars, ancient and modern, and these secret methods of increasing combat power will not have anything.
Su Mo-dang released the long river of ancient and modern times, although it emerged behind him, but it also cut his Shou Yuan.
His combat power has not risen either.
(just) as expected/anticipated
The forbidden power method affects the realm of’ Tao’
So venerable sir, fighting is not too fancy and there are not many earth-shattering avatar forbidden arts to show.
More competition is the body, blood, the magic weapon of Yuan God and the world of combining Taoism and India.

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