Not to mention weapons. He’s hiding a truckload of weapons and ammunition at the top of the mountain.
Lin Ying believes that Liu Xiaoqi’s father is happy to get these things.
But if weapons and food are paid, it will be a little difficult for Lin Ying and them to take the road.
Qing Muyang bowed his head for a moment and said to Lin Ying, "Boss, I can teach her an advanced array, which is similar to an advanced array. If you master this array well, then she and his low-order array can also evolve into an advanced array, which is equivalent to giving her an upgrade patch."
Lin Ying was a little embarrassed. "Is that okay?"
Qing Muyang "No problem, hurry up before I go back on my word."
"Thank you," Lin Ying said seriously.
To be honest, Lin Ying feels a little sorry for Qing Muyang.
In the future, he wants to wrestle with the people in the base to get information. The reward should be paid by him, but he can pay the price now, which is an indispensable material for him and the other party does not necessarily want it.
And Liu Xiaoqi needs something most urgently, but it’s a green hand.
Now he owes Qing Muyang a big favor.
Although Qing Muyang recognized him as the boss, from today, Lin Ying is losing money to him.
After getting the answer from Qing Muyang, Lin Ying quickly controlled the flying ants and sent a message to Liu Xiaoqi. "If you help me, I can make you crazy. If you want to master this circle, then you and his low-order circle can also evolve into a high-level circle."
This is an extremely attractive condition that Liu Xiaoqi can’t refuse.
She and her brother’s circle are both low-level outsiders. In their eyes, their circle is far worse than others, but they know how rubbish they are in their circle.
What should I do if I have an opportunity to upgrade my circle to a pseudo-advanced state?
I believe that 99% people will choose to agree without hesitation.
And Liu Xiaoqi happens to be one of the 99 percent.
When she saw the reward, she agreed without thinking.
Yesterday, Qing Muyang gave him advice and let her benefit from poverty.
Today, she gave her a direct fight. She must have chosen to promise.
Liu Xiaoqi agreed to Lin Ying’s request and then asked, "What should I do?"
Lin Ying immediately instructed her to "find your father first and then ask him about a base to plan. If possible, try to participate in the planning."
Liu Xiaoqi "Ok, I’ll go to my dad."
Lin Ying "Wait for your good news. If you get the news, pass the news through these flying ants."
Liu Xiaoqi is divorced.
And Lin Ying controls the flying ants and hides them in the room.
But at this time, Lin Ying suddenly had a feeling of being stared at.
Lin Ying’s heart movement controls the flying ant Liu Xiaoqi wandering around the room.
Suddenly he saw Liu Xiaoqi’s window sill.
There is a cat sitting there.
This cat Linying was seen last night.
But Lin Ying looked at the cat carefully through flying ants and immediately found some abnormal situations.
The cat seems to be under control.
Lin Ying didn’t pay much attention to it last night, but today she found that the cat was under control.
At this moment, Lin Ying was anxious.
If the cat is controlled, then Lin Ying’s communication with others yesterday and today is under the nose, so Liu Xiaoqi will be in danger.
Lin Ying felt a slap in the face. He has been controlling the animals to spy on the enemy.
But this time he was blinded by the same method.
This makes Lin Ying have a feeling that’ wild geese will be pecked blind all day long’
Lin Ying controls the flying ants, pretending not to find it and hiding.
A moment later, meow jumped out of the window sill and walked towards the hotel.
Then Lin Ying took control of a flying ant and followed it carefully.
After Amy entered the hotel, she climbed directly from the stairs to the third floor and then entered a room.
Flying ants also took the opportunity to fly in.
There is a thin young man sitting in the room
The young man was huddled up in a black trench coat.
Lin Ying found that he had seen the young man last night.
At that time, the young man was next to Captain Wang.
At this moment, the mystery in Lin Ying’s heart was solved.
It turns out that there was a reason why Zheng Saner and Captain Wang could come so late last night.
Chapter 354 What should I do?
Meow is a ghost, which surprised Lin Ying.
Maybe Liu Xiaoqi doesn’t even know that her every move is monitored by others.
O meow walked up to the youth and stood still.
Then the young man lifted his eyes and gave a strange green light.
Meow’s eyes also gave off a green light, and the two green lights collided with each other like the right signal.
After a moment, the green light in the young man’s eyes disappeared and closed his eyes.
O meow is like a tired general directly lying on the table.
After a few seconds, the young man opened his eyes. What are all these messy pictures? What the hell is this little bitch doing? What the hell are these bugs? Flying around doing something? And who is this little girl talking to? "
Suddenly, the young man patted a table and said in surprise, "No, you can’t see from the right angle. These insects are flying to pass information. This little girl communicates with people."
These insects are controlled by people, and they communicate with the little girl’s skin through the flight path. "

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