"Defending the soil is more than attacking!"
This is the evaluation made by Tiebi Jue to Nie Yun.
Whether it is the sun’s "iron curtain fog" or the wormhole pass ahead "tower defense interception", it is a special battlefield that is conducive to the Earth army to give full play to the advantages of the mecha.
In the final analysis, it is a "fixed point" defense tactic.
If it weren’t for the fact that the fleet wasn’t large enough for the other side, there wouldn’t be a lot of cannon fodder, mecha, and the sham as the pearl played "showing the enemy’s weakness" and "luring the enemy deep", and the immortal blocked the road and sent it directly to the odd army to cut melons and vegetables, and it was over.
And Yun Nie warships instead of compensation is to make Iron Wall Jue more sure of his guess.
"The strong decide the fate of the weak. This is the interstellar iron law, but … you don’t seem to be strong enough to crush us, do you?"
Iron Wall Jue has completely recovered his composure at the moment.
He was really frightened by the horror images in Wan Qi at the same time, but after he calmed down, he came back to it.
Organic armor is less warships, which means that the other party is not an industrial integrity … Less body is not!
So no matter whether these strange mecha are bought or someone supports the strength of this earth branch behind them, it should not be to the point where they have no resistance at all.
This is your bargaining chip!
Yun Nie’s eyes narrowed slightly
I have to say that Tiebi Jue’s sense of smell on the battlefield is quite accurate, and he can see the problems he is facing at a glance.
Pinch mecha and pinch warships are two concepts.
Ten thousand mecha Yun Nie pinch is vomiting blood a liter at most, but if you want to pinch a ten thousand warships, the blood root will vomit …
Before magic change, the average annual production of cars on the earth could reach 100 million, but the annual delivery of large jets was only a few hundred. From this, we can see the huge gap between the production process and production efficiency.
At present, Sun has dozens of complete mecha production lines, which can save Yun Nie considerable effort, and the manufacturing cycle is relatively short enough to support Yun Nie’s short-term crazy violence.
However, warships not only consume a huge number of mechanical worms, but also rely on the scale of the existing shipyard in the sun to increase the production efficiency.
And whether it can be produced is one thing, and whether it can be raised is another matter.
"If you are poor, the mecha will fight, and if you are rich, you will measure the ship and the sea." This is not a word.
Fleet energy consumption is often dozens of times but hundreds of times that of mecha, and daily maintenance is more complicated and expensive.
Behind the strong iron wall fleet is a vast territory of the whole iron wall family, backed by two stars with four star domains and a hundred stars. The size of the standing fleet is only three thousand.
Even if there are mechanical worms, the logistics pressure of the sun is less, and they can usually bask in the sun to subsidize some economists, and there is also the "energy crystal trade" to obtain a lot of strategic resources from the double star.
Can want a star to raise thousands of warships is still quite difficult.
Nie Yunzhen wants a brain to draw out a huge fleet of thousands of warships, which is really "running out of ammunition after 300 rounds" …
I’m afraid a sun will disappear directly after several rounds of volley …
The sun "…" ((⊙??⊙))
War fighting is not only weapons and equipment, but also logistics. Yun Nie chose the defensive strategy of violence and strange sea, which consumes the least for itself.
Before the expansion of the earth, the battleship Haidu will not be the first choice for Yun Nie
The correct development route of the earth language is that the mobile core of the sea wolf mother ship drowns its opponents in the strange sea and keeps upgrading its technology and taking the "elite soldier" route
In terms of hard power, it is more than enough for Wan Qi mecha to deal with the Iron Wall Fleet.
But it’s one thing to defeat and another to annihilate.
"So … you still want to try to challenge a forced entry?"
Although being seen weakness, Yun Nie is still the same sentence.
"You …"
I didn’t expect to be seen by myself that the other party was still so tough, which was somewhat unexpected to Iron Wall Jue.
"We don’t mind to avoid trouble, but you have completely angered the whole article by launching destructive weapons at our core planet.
We can talk about losing the war, but this kind of business has touched our bottom line.
If you don’t leave half the fleet today, I can’t guarantee to wipe you out, but it’s not a problem to leave 90% at all costs! "
Yun Nie suddenly cold tone let iron wall jue a sudden in my heart.
Since the five "stab wounds" are deterrent weapons, they naturally set up a super bomb enough to destroy the planet.
Attack each other’s home planet. It’s deadly!
From this point of view, the other party’s own side is indefensible regardless of its crazy retaliation.
Recognized Yun Nie’s words, he could not help secretly regretting what he had decided to attack the other parent planet before.
But who would have expected that the docile kitten would suddenly become a man-eating tiger?
"But …" Yun Nie suddenly (turn "are you just playing chess, the messenger of the Lord or the person behind you?
The so-called injustice has a head and a debt has a head. If he is a junior high school student, I will naturally be a fifteenth! "

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