And at present, these two old men should also be extremely angry. Please come out!
"official catalpa pro-enlightenment"
Official catalpa conveniently took it and saw a line of words, but his eyes couldn’t help staring.
"This handwriting …"
Officer catalpa palm trembled slightly and seemed to think of something. There was great fluctuation in mind.
She hurriedly opened the letter and looked intently.
The first line of the letter said, "Officer, I am still alive and have come back."
Seeing this sentence, Guan Zi’s eyes are wet and his sight is blurred.
If there were not too many monks here, she would have lost control of her emotions and cried!
Official catalpa mood swings, many monks naturally look in their eyes.
It’s hard to imagine what this letter actually wrote that could make a fit man lose control of his emotions!
"is this true?"
Official catalpa turned to look at the ancient elders and the elder surnamed Ge, who were still not sure.
Two old man nodded his head.
Guan Zi took a deep breath to calm his mind and stabilize his mood. After reading the whole letter, he carefully put it away. It seems that this letter is something extremely valuable.
Guan Zi turned to look at Su Mo with gentle eyes, and asked, "Are you Su Mo?"
"Sumo meets his predecessors"
Sue ink hurriedly salute before.
"I am your master … well, you are friends. You don’t have to bother."
Official catalpa smiled gently waved robe sleeve will Sue ink and lifted up.
Guan Zi said, "I listened to your master about Vientiane City. Thank you for your help. Thanks for letting the arrogance of several days hold the last dignity of the Terran!"
Group repair!
This is a great fit!
They don’t see the roots on weekdays.
Now this fit great power thanks to a Yuan Ying Zhen Jun!
This shows that World War I was true a hundred years ago!
"At the tea party, your name as the first true gentleman has been questioned."
Guan Zi said, "Only you can drink this cup of extremely mysterious tea."
Said the official catalpa gently waved Tongxuan tea tree, leaving only one tender leaf falling into the teacup.
Then pour into the hot Lingquan, and a cup of steaming and fragrant tea is ready!
"delivering tea in the moon!"
Officer catalpa put the teacup haze month gentleman palm light said 1.
Lan Yue Dao Jun’s face is ugly to the extreme!
She’s the patriarch of a thousand cranes, but now she’s going to give tea to a Yuan Ying Zhen Jun!
This will be a humiliation that she can’t shake all her life!
Group to see a burst of envy.
Who can enjoy the treatment of making tea and handing it to the patriarch?
Lanyue Daojun dared not disobey his hands and respectfully took the expression on the teacup and walked to Su Mo’s front to grind his teeth and said, "Please!"
"thanked the patriarch"
Su Mo smiled and took the cup and drank it off!
Su Mo looked up and drank tea. At the moment, Lan Yue Dao Jun passed through the depths of his eyes with a cruel hatred and quickly gathered away.
Chapter nine hundred and seventy Breakthrough
Extremely mysterious tea enters the abdomen without any bitterness, with a hint of sweetness. A warm current flows through the limbs and all the bones are integrated into the body.
Finally, this tea condensed into a aura and went straight to GV to break the sea of knowledge, wrapping the two great gods of Su Mo.
Su Mo sat on the floor with his eyes closed.
This aura nourishes the two Yuan gods, washes the dross in the black-haired Yuan gods and refines the yin in the red-haired Yin gods.
The reiki nourishment of the two great yuan gods has become more concise and more pure, and it is moving towards returning to the virtual realm!
Before leaving the Valley of the Demons, Su Mo had already cultivated the two Yuan gods to the peak of Yuan Ying’s later period with the help of the blood of the Millennium.
Nowadays, he has reached the edge of a breakthrough in many aspects of his life.

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