"I didn’t delay my astrology. If you are really worried, just cancel my visit to the Hong Wen Pavilion."
"No," Cheng Fu said with awe as he stuffed the money into his sleeve. "No matter how strong you are, it’s a wave. Where did you get the money? San huang? "
He lowered his voice again when he said the name
Cheng Jinzhou feels that he is cheap. Torre is really a real cultural person. He will never be soft when he receives money. After receiving it, he will not necessarily do things. After receiving it, he will never recall it.
At that time, Cheng Jinzhou really felt like an overseas Chinese in the face of Sun Yat-sen’s polite and honest way, "The king of Yanping County wanted to give me money, but I refused. The money was earned by my business and I didn’t go to do it myself."
"Reading matters" Cheng Yunan frowned and added.
Noble families do business in different ways.
Cheng Jinzhou smiled hey hey and wouldn’t be silly to explain how he earned money and shook his body. "When it comes to the third room in Beijing, even if I moved to Beijing, I want to rent some fields, so it’s better to rely on the land rent to meet the needs."
Cheng Yunan’s face turned better, and he believed that "the farmer Tian She Weng did a good job, but he couldn’t rent the land. If the price difference was unstable after all, he would buy the land."
"Buying land is too expensive"
"Then buy Shaonan" Cheng Yunan’s idea is not surprising. In those days, high-ranking gentlemen in Hangzhou had to let people go back to their hometown in Shaanxi with silver to build houses, not to mention the Cheng family.
Cheng Jinzhou can’t plant real rice. Shaonan has to say, "I have rented 10,000 hectares of land from the outer peninsula, which is to say something to you and send some people from home to manage it."
Cheng Fu couldn’t believe it. "You rented 150,000 mu of land? How much is the rent? "
"Don’t ask, think of some way to send someone to me first." Cheng Jinzhou said and slipped away along the wall.
Cheng Fu sighed and pinched the money box in his sleeve, and then thought that Cheng Jinzhou was already a serious star warlock, so he would no longer insist.
Cheng Jinzhou returned to his room and wrote to Cao Feng. Field management in the 21st century is a very complicated knowledge, and this era is the most important for people to learn. 150,000 mu of land involves 10,000 families, that is, more than a dozen farms, large and small. Although they are all tenants, it is much more difficult to manage than the same number of troops.
Seeing that the spring ploughing day is coming, if you choose that 10 thousand hectares of land, if you buy farm tools and animals, if you deal with land tenancy, you must finalize it one by one.
Since ancient times, it has always been the preserve of both parties that landlords resist renting and increase rents. Landlords are bullied no less than tenants. Without mechanization, real rice cultivation depends on them after all.
Cheng Yunan’s capital end is very good.
The first-level official comes from the marginal Cheng family, but he goes in and out of the houses of the fourth-level and fifth-level officials all day. In addition to an official in san huang, several Jiang Huangxing warlocks often invite Cheng Yunan to some dinners.
Without conflict of interest, Cheng Yun ‘an’s capital seems to be a little more comfortable than Shaonan’s.
Cheng Jinzhou enjoyed the official treatment without waiting for Torre. Not only did it go smoothly through the transaction of the inkstone hand, but it was also warmly received by the warehouse company in Huangjin County on this day.
The so-called warehouse department is usually in charge of a warehouse. If the name of the warehouse department is a provincial-level warehouse department, it can be called raising the Changping department chief. It can be said that raising the Changping business can call the warehouse department at the state and county level. Although it sounds like a warehouse leader, in most places, these officials who control the goods in and out of the whole area have unimaginable benefits.
For example, Shi Yan once met a bald warehouse manager in Hongrizhuang, Shaonan, and even dared to sell warehouse food without a nine-position title. At a higher level, the warehouse company could play tricks more.
Kuroshi in Huangjin County is a man with a dark complexion over three years old. He rarely has a beard with a beard and a beard. He looks like a simple bin Laden. He doesn’t know where he got the news of Cheng Jinzhou. After seeing Cheng Jinzhou, he bowed to the end of the road to "meet the astrologer’s adult."
Cheng Jinzhou froze on the spot after becoming a star warlock. Although he met officials who were warm and polite to him, he had a present.
Although the in the mind frank Cheng Jinzhou still has to pretend to help him, "This adult is polite."
"BeiZhi Cao Lu" treasurer ha ha smiled and deigned to get up and laughed. "I was ecstatic to hear that the star warlock Huang Jin rented a lot of warehouses …"
Like many civil servants, this exaggerated tone has no tendency to stop.
"Polite" Cheng Jinzhou finally had to interrupt him. "Excuse me, Cao’s adult is here …"

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