Li Bokang received a report from the military personnel.
"Yi Lianshan didn’t catch the original, but he went out and suddenly went back …"
"Ha ha" Li Bokang grinned. "It’s better to look more real like this, and Yi Lianshan is estimated to be completely panicked. Wonderful things are coming."
At the same time, the old Zhan of Sichuan government’s heavy military and political investigation bureau shouted at Fu Zhen and asked, "… eldest brother, how many times have I been here for less than half a month?" You Chuanfu are working hard at high intensity. Who can stand it? !”
Fu Zhen grinned. "Don’t panic, brother. Let’s bring good equipment. That’s an order from the authorities, but it’s not specific yet. Let’s go to an experimental field near the old triangle first."
"What are you doing there?"
"I don’t know, but I’ve been working with the experimental field since I got to Chuanfu …"
Chapter DiErSanJiu Old easy to worry about
Yi Lianshan was completely taken by tourist trap after dodging a shot. He also took the opportunity of being attacked to apply to the military for returning to his troops, and the military department there was also very concerned about his personal safety and ordered the Yanbei military office to send troops to escort him.
At the same time, Wang Zhou’s military department reported the situation of Yi Lianshan to the Federation, saying that he was attacked and slightly injured, and now he needs recuperation and can’t attend the meeting.
After returning to the 956 division, Yi Lianshan took a whole day to wash the smell of Baba and restrain his fear.
No one is afraid of the unknown death threat, the command war is in danger and the struggle is life-and-death. This is two different things, and people’s mentality is completely different.
If Yi Lianshan was killed yesterday, then Tanma may not be able to figure out the specific reasons and details ten years later. To put it bluntly, he died in vain.
Delayed multi-minute division
Yi Lianshan sat on the sofa with a hoarse voice and asked a colonel, "Are you sure something happened to Lao Wang?"
"Yes, Chief of Staff Wang has been out of contact for a day," the head of the delegation said in a low voice. "We sent someone to the woman’s residence, but no one was found, and the neighbors said that there was abnormal movement at the woman’s house and door last night."
Yi Lianshan took a hard puff at these words, and his heart became even more panic.
"Do you think Staff Wang will …?" Head tried to ask half a sentence.
Yi Lianshan waved his hand. "The division ordered 557 and 556 regiments to come back immediately!"
"You go to busy" Yi Lianshan replied with a frown.
After the head of the delegation left, Yi Lianshan became more and more alarmed, and immediately stepped to the desk, stretched out his hand and pulled out a drawer and took out a few personal mobile phones.
Came to the window Yi Lianshan directly dialed Wang Zhou’s words "Hello? Captain, the more I think about this, the more I feel that something is wrong! Lao Wang is likely to have been caught. "
"I also investigate this matter, but don’t panic. The League Department will handle it." Wang Shang replied flatly, "You just stay in HQ and don’t care about anything left."
Yi Lianshan paused and stretched out his hand and wiped his forehead sweat. "What if Pharaoh bit me? What should I do if I am directly transferred back to Yanbei for questioning? "
"Did you personally give Wu Feng the order to participate in the war passively?" Wang Zhou asked
"This is not Lao Wang to talk to him and Zhang Da. I didn’t show up." Yi Lianshan answered truthfully.
"Then if the governor’s office sends you back for questioning, you should cooperate with him, talk steadily, but never admit it." Wang Zhou ordered lightly. "Wang Ningwei is also an old man on our side. He has worked with you for so many years, and he has an emotional foundation. He won’t easily open his mouth and bite you and take a 10,000-step back. Even if he tells you that you ordered two regiments to participate in the war passively, you can’t admit it. You can’t have any audio and video conversations with him. You can’t do anything with you without evidence."
Yi Lianshan scratched his head "captains I want to fall into each other’s hands that a lot of words I can not say! The Federation has been stopped now. Lin Yaozong estimates that it has been red-eyed. The old governor must be furious, too. I’m afraid … They will do extreme things to me. "
"Old Yi, you want to be white. Behind you is the whole League." Wang Shang frowned and replied, "If the old governor and Lin Yaozong are sure to take control of the bureau, they will start work on a large scale and will test each other with us. What about dealing with each other? You can rest assured that no matter what happens, the layer will definitely protect you. "
"I still think it’s time to take the initiative to attack Lin Yaozong directly …" Yi Lianshan remonstrated again.
"No, you can’t flip the cards until the last moment," Wang Zhou said seriously. "Is it a matter of life and death that whoever moves first may be doomed?"
Yilianshan silence
"Do what I tell you to do in the HQ. Don’t show up if the other party doesn’t look for you. If you look for it, cooperate with them. The floor will stare." Wang Shang continued, "I believe he knows what Yu Ningwei is doing."
"Well," Yi Lianshan nodded.
"That’s it"
Two people end the call Yi Lianshan eyes nai to look out the window in the mind seven.
Wang Zhou considers the problem from the perspective of the overall situation, because his position determines that nothing will happen to others at the moment when the struggle results. Besides, he is also the leader of the League, and his political resources are so horrible that no one dares to touch him easily.

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