Bai Yinting grabbed Xia Zhu’s arm and almost forced her to ask, "You haven’t told him who your lover is now?"
It hurt that Xia Zhu’s arm was caught by Bai Yinting. She blinked her eyes and saw the oppressive red in Bai Yinting’s eyes, so that he made Xia Zhu afraid to get close to it.
"Xia Zhu, I know that my heart is not enough for you at ordinary times. If I had known about your family, if I had told you earlier that I love you, maybe everything would have been different …" Qu Lu stretched out his hand to touch Xia Zhu’s arm again.
Xia Zhu took a small step back. "Qu Lu may be destined to be popular with us. I like Bai Yinting instead of you now."
Qu Lu was heartbroken. He couldn’t believe it or believe it was impossible!
"The voice is too small. Speak louder and tell him who your lover is?" Bai yinting cold sound Xia Zhu ear said
This time Xia Zhu almost did his best to shout, "I love Bai Yinting and I love him! I love Bai Yin court … "
I love Bai yinting’s words echoed in the night, but Bai yinting didn’t feel satisfied, but his heart hurt violently. He hugged Xia Zhu and buried her head in his chest. Suddenly, the voice was soft and "enough"
But Xia Zhu is like a wounded little beast, and he can’t hear anything. He keeps repeating the phrase "I love Bai Yinting" in his mouth.
"Enough is enough." Bai Yinting kissed Xia Zhu’s hair and he felt as if he had hurt her.
Qu Lu’s provocation made him lose his mind. His temper is like this. He always tries to control his anger. This is his shortcoming but he can’t change it.
Xia Zhu bit her lip and cried bitterly. Bai Yinting’s chest white shirt was soon wet with tears. He didn’t abandon it. He took one look at Qu Lu and quickly carried Xia Zhu into the car.
Qu Lu took a step back to the side. He was heartbroken when he saw Xia Zhu being tortured. He collapsed to want to kill Bai Yinting, but he still had his last reason. Now he can bear to find a chance to take back everything that belongs to him in the future.
Bai yinting car on the way home two people almost didn’t say a word, Xia Zhu has been staring blankly outside the window, eyes glazed and seemingly calm.
There were several times when Bai Yinting tried to find an excuse to talk to her, but she didn’t know what to say. He really went too far just now, but he couldn’t say an apology.
When I arrived at the door of my house, Bai Yinting stopped, and Xia Zhu’s own safety belt just wanted the car. Bai Yinting grabbed her. "I don’t care about today’s things, just pretend that nothing happened, okay?"
This is Bai yinting’s compromise, but Xia Zhu turned her head and her eyes were red and swollen, so she could say that nothing happened at this time, and she couldn’t do it.
"Xia Zhu" Bai Yinting has a sense of loss, which is too strong to worry him.
"Does it matter what happened to us and what didn’t happen?" Xia Zhu’s eyes flashed with glittering and translucent tears again.
How can it not be important? Bai yinting put up with her indifference, drew her closer with one hand and held her in her arms with the other, and then kissed her.
His bullying made Xia Zhu reluctant to struggle, but how could she break away from Bai Yinting’s control? After all, her strength was too small, so she simply opened her mouth slightly and took the opportunity to bite Bai Yinting’s lips.
It hurts! At the same time, Bai Yinting’s mouth was filled with bloody taste, but he didn’t put Xia Zhu. If this can make her feel better, bite if you want.
See Bai yinting still focused on kissing her deeply. Xia Zhu actually relented and slowly became smooth, and closed her eyes. She really had no resistance to Bai yinting.
Even though he hurt himself, even though he looked so humble in front of him, she gave in at this moment.
Bai Yinting felt the softness of Xia Zhu, and his lips gently kissed and came to Xia Zhu’s ear, whispering, "Xia Zhu, you can be me in this life."
Chapter 31 Sooner or later can get her.
Bai yinting held Xia Zhu tightly all night so that he would feel at ease, but Xia Zhu stayed up all night.
She can confirm Bai Yinting’s feelings for her. He is irritable and changeable. When he loves her, he can hold her in his palm, but he can trample her on his feet at any time.
Just like in ancient times, emperors needed to be careful when they accompanied him, and the consequences were often very serious.
Xia Zhu stared at that beautiful face until dawn, and even when he fell asleep, his eyebrows twisted into a ball. How depressed and insecure is this?
Finger gently touched his brow. Xia Zhu suddenly remembered what Huang Yubo had said to her, and all her grievances dissipated. Bai Yin’s reality was also pitiful.
"What did you think after looking at me like this all night?" Bai yinting said that her voice was hoarse.
Xia Zhu was startled and was about to retract his finger when he was grasped by Bai Yinting. His eyes slowly opened and he was full of red blood, and he didn’t sleep well.
"I should get up." Xia Zhu dodged Bai Yinting’s eyes and wanted to get out of his arms.
Bai Yinting didn’t want to let go, but held it tighter. "You escape from Xia Zhu, and your attitude makes me very uncomfortable."
Xia Zhu pulled a perfunctory and ugly smile at the corner of his mouth. "I didn’t escape. I really have something to do today."
Bai Yinting felt Xia Zhu’s fear of him and the way to hide his sense of distance, but he didn’t continue to struggle but let him go.
Xia Zhu seems relieved and hurried to the health center. She didn’t blame Bai Yin Ting, but she didn’t dare to have sex again. Let’s behave and be a sensible and obedient woman.
Wash out Bai Yinting has also got up to see his lip corner show bite marks. Xia Zhu is a little sorry. "Bai Yinting, why don’t you wear a mask to the company today?"
"What?" Bai yinting, otherwise
"You …" Xia Zhu went over and touched his injured lip corner with his finger. "Does it hurt?"
"Do you want to feel one?" Bai yinting said, he leaned over and approached Xia Zhu’s lips.
"Don’t!" Xia Zhu was scared and took a small step back.
Bai yinting tugged at the lip corner and picked up Xia zhuba. It was her lips that gently kissed "I am reluctant to part"
I feel even more guilty when I said this. "I’m sorry, I didn’t think I would do this at that time."
"Nothing, let’s call it even." Bai Yinting habitually hugged Xia Zhu’s shoulder and saw that she didn’t escape. She suddenly felt much better. "Wait for me to have breakfast together."
After breakfast, Bai Yinting went to the company and the driver sent Xia Zhu to the school. Yan Ning announced that she would come and see a first draft design today.
When Xia Zhu rushed there, there was a tall, handsome boy with a good figure in the conference room of the student department besides Yan Ningxuan.
"Xia Zhu, you’re here. I’d like to introduce you to Li Youchen, a male model." Yan Ningxuan took the initiative. "This is Xia Zhu, a future designer."
"Hello" Xia Zhu and Li Youchen shook hands and then looked at Yan Ningxuan and took out their own design draft "Is it convenient now?"
"No, I have finished talking with him," Yan Ningxuan said, looking at the draft of Xia Zhu’s design, and nodded and said, "I think it’s not bad. I saw several designs this time. At present, you are the most creative and eye-catching, but you can polish the details."
"I also feel that there are some shortcomings." Xia Zhulai, all the students who participated in the design will come today so that they can learn from each other. I didn’t expect Yan Ningxuan to disappoint her.
However, with the approval certificate, her own thinking and design direction are still right. Since she has nothing to do with him, she plans to leave first.
"Wait a minute" Yan Ningxuan stopped her and then it was a little hard to say that "Xia Zhushi called you here today mainly because he wanted to ask you a favor"

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