Fate is a wonderful thing. The former beauty army chief came here to cut off Lan Yunpeng, but when he saw him, he almost fell into a situation where his energy was out of control.
Women are emotional animals, and noble Julianne can’t be vulgar. Although Lan Yunpeng is a little playboy, she is really sincere to herself. Julianne relents and "says nothing."
Lan Yunpeng was not stupid when he came. He immediately understood Julianne’s meaning. So she didn’t blame herself for putting a big stone in her heart, and she could read another meaning from that sentence. Julianne really liked herself.
Looking at Julianne’s beautiful Yan Lanyunpeng, I feel like a cloud. The original happiness is so simple.
Say nothing.
Bauhinia College is located in the suburb of Brilliant City. Not far from the north school gate, there is an imposing mountain range stretching for hundreds of kilometers. Usually, few people go because of the high mountains and dangerous roads, and there are many terrible Warcraft in the depths. Of course, there are certainly adventurers who dare to go to the Alps, the main peak, but it is rare. However, today there are two uninvited guests here!
The girl on the left is about twenty years old, and she has a beautiful face that makes God jealous. She exudes noble spirit all over, while the boy on the right is younger. Both of them are unarmed and look more adventurous from their dress. How did they come here?
Deep winter has long been a world wrapped in silver. Everywhere you look, it is covered with snow. The situation on the earth is similar. Many Warcraft hibernate, but some of them are not used to doing adventure areas. You can imagine the danger here, but this man and woman seem to have no intention.
Although the wisdom of Warcraft is lower than that of people, it is more sensitive to danger. This man and a woman are obviously terrible that they cannot provoke.
Lan Yunpeng and Julianne strolled in the snow. As the saying goes, everything has its vanquisher. Although she is glib on weekdays, when Julianne is together, she becomes dull. It seems that she can’t even tell the truth. Julianne is also a little nervous. I wanted to settle accounts with Lan Yunpeng, but it turned into this situation. No wonder people say that things often happen.
Lan Yunpeng met Julianne to go out for a walk after his physical energy calmed down. If he were a different person, it would be nothing, but they are both famous people, especially the military leader of the Holy Alliance of Julianne, a man from the mainland of Sderot.
This is Glorious City, the capital of the Holy Alliance. If two people go out like this, the result can be imagined.
Unless it’s a place for people, it’s really hard to find a place like the capital!
But the difficulty does not mean that it is good to choose the mercenary guild to delimit the adventure zone, especially the main peak, which is of course inaccessible.
For ordinary people, it is a forbidden area of life, but for Julianne and Lan Yunpeng, it has become a perfect date. Julianne doesn’t say that a battle-hardened strong man is Lan Yunpeng, and he has also entered the blade master figure. This combination is even in case of a dragon or his boss monster.
The first date with Susie is different. Lan Yunpeng doesn’t know what to say. Although Julianne is a brilliant person, almost two people just walk silently in this area.
There are falling snowflakes in the sky, and the wind blows over the peak at an altitude of several thousand meters. The weather is naturally very cold, but Lan Yunpeng and Julianne are both very thin, and their strength has long been unaffected by the weather.
At the same time, a young woman came to the foot of the mountain. Because of the weather, she wore a lot of clothes and sunglasses. Although she blocked some faces, she was suspected to be a beautiful woman.
"Sophie, I won’t let a person go to the scenery." The woman bit her teeth and looked at the towering mountains in front of her. Her face also showed a little fear. After all, there was a place where Warcraft was rampant and she was tied with her hands.
Michelle Gua news agency chief reporter lace news agency, Gua news agency is also a mainland news giant in Sderot, and two newspapers have the largest circulation.
As a celebrity on the earth said, competition is the source of progress. The two newspapers have always been the top news reporters, and so have the reporters competing for flags. However, the strength of the two newspapers has been equal for nearly 20 years. However, this situation has changed recently because of Sophie’s appearance.
I don’t know where it came from, but my little girl may be the youngest among the ball reporters, and she is still working part-time. However, people can’t judge by appearances, and age doesn’t mean anything. Since Sophie became a lace news agency reporter, Gua News Agency has been in the wind.
Although I’m not angry, I have to say that that girl is really a genius, and she has a unique sense of smell for news. Her reports are getting better and better, but she is not a vegetarian as a news giant, especially their chief reporter Michelle, who is a genius in the competition. Although Sophie wants to win her, it is different from wishful thinking.
However, this situation has changed not long ago because he was interviewed by Sophie in Julianne. You know, it is the first time that Julianne has been interviewed by the media since she became famous. She is the dream goal of mainland men, and I don’t know what method Cece has used to get special treatment from the beauty head.
The sensation can be imagined. In just one day, the circulation of lace news agency has doubled, and many people are happy. Some people are worried about their competitors. Gua news agency is a nightmare, and this is just now!
Sophie soon threw a heavy holy order realm assassin surprised people.
Sophie helped Lan Yunpeng after this report. However, a stone stirred up a thousand waves. On the same day, the circulation of the Morning Post of Lace News Agency rose by nearly 20 percentage points, and the subsequent reports made the circulation of the Morning Post go up all the way. Lace News Agency was cool, while Gua News Agency was gloomy, and it was always equally divided. The sense of loss that competitors suddenly left themselves far behind made people feel extremely sad.
But what can I do? Sophie, this news is really shocking. It is rare to see eye-catching news like Julianne’s interview with St. Order assassins and their follow-up reports.
People are a little jealous of Sophie except envy, but there are always people who are not angry. For example, the chief reporter of Michelle Gua News Agency graduated from Narcissus College, three universities in mainland China. Before Sophie debuted, she was a big sister among journalists.
It is conceivable that Michelle, who has always been regarded as a talented reporter, is now overwhelmed by a little girl. As the famous saying of the earth says, competition is the source of progress, especially for a talented and beautiful girl like her, the word "lose" has never been used in the dictionary.
We must find more exciting news, but talking about Yi Sufei’s report is outrageous enough. What can attract more attention?
Depression is just a word. If you were another person, you might give up, but Michelle has always believed in the proverb that heaven rewards diligence.
There are dozens of peerless masters among the three beautiful women in the beautiful Sderot mainland. However, Julianne is the only one who combines the two identities. Looking at this continent, she has popularity, even the idol superstar Miss Yu Lin is inferior.
Sophie, who is better off than she is, became popular because of Julianne. I’m afraid she wants to get back a game, and she has to start with this beautiful legion.
But although Julianne has a large number of fans, after all, she is not a public figure, a military leader of the holy alliance, but also a strong person who has stepped into the holy order. Even the royal aristocrats of various countries are respectful when they see her, but she is just a reporter who can’t figure out how Sophie was interviewed.
But difficulties can’t be a retreat. The reason is even worse. Michelle is competing with Sophie. She can do it and she will do it better.
Admirable and persistent, and the creator seems to have been moved. After nearly two weeks, Michelle’s Griffin Corps finally waited for an opportunity. Julianne traveled alone to be the three leaders of the military. There were a large number of Sineitai members in and out of Julianne. Such a person must be a private journalist. The sixth sense made Michelle smell the news.
I hope to see it, but it’s not easy to catch it. Julianne, however, it’s almost insane for the top strong people in the mainland of Sderot to follow her.
However, well-known journalists have their own unique skills, such as Sophie’s Yi Shu, which has reached the point where the truth is false, and Michelle’s best skill is to train pets.
The earth is similar, and college students can choose to minor to increase their knowledge if they have spare capacity. After all, the more certificates they can produce when looking for a job, the more popular they will be.
Michelle certainly doesn’t do the news of Narcissus College, the three major colleges in mainland China. high flyers is very popular in both entertainment associations and newspapers, but how can a local worker put this proud beauty in her eyes? When she was in college, Michelle had a dream to become a reporter from the whole mainland to look up to idols.
To realize this great dream, it is obviously not possible to complete the major only. Michelle chose to minor in pet keeping.
It sounds as if I didn’t finish the news, but the knowledge I learned helped the girl a lot in the later work. The so-called pet breeding is not as serious as everyone imagined. Speaking of it, it is a bit like the unique professional druid of the Elves, but the spirit and Warcraft signed a contract to drive the battle. Different pet breeding is aimed at small and lovely pets like kittens and puppies, and it is also similar to the animal trainer of the Earth Circus through training methods.
Michelle trained several cute Warcraft. She just likes pets. She is not only her closest friend, but also a good assistant. Like following Julianne, she is handed over to a colorful butterfly.
Colorful butterflies fly birds, small Warcraft, but gentle personality. The most popular pet street in the mainland of Nestmore is easy to see. Even if Julianne is wise and Lan Yunpeng has insight, he will not doubt seeing a colorful butterfly following him.
Although there is a pet to show the way, Michelle is an ordinary girl, and her speed is as fast as that of Julianne. When she came to Bauhinia College, Lan Yunpeng and Julianne had already gone on a date.
Although I didn’t see anything with my own eyes, the reporter’s intuition still excited Michelle. Maybe she captured a big news.
259 needs luck
Lan Yunpeng, a purple quarrelling swordsman, has heard a lot about her. She said that she is as excellent as Julianne. Before she was ten years old, she was already a great swordsman. If Julianne is the dream goal of men in the mainland of Sderot, then the purple quarrelling swordsman may be the representative of the white horse king in the eyes of the ball girl …
And Julianne went to the college to find him. Will there be any gossip between the two of them? Humans are born divinatory symbols. If they can catch something and don’t want to know it, it will be such a sensation.
However, looking at the towering mountain peak in front of me, Michelle stopped and gently took off her sunglasses to reveal a beautiful woman in Zhang Xiuqing. However, her pretty face was written with hesitation.
Ringing and ringing, a slap in the ear, a big butterfly flew over and stopped the girl’s shoulder. It was a colorful butterfly that was responsible for guiding the way.
"You said they went to the summit?"
Michelle frowned slightly, but it is self-evident that the danger of this mountain range is delineated by the Mercenary Trade Union Association. In particular, the main peak is more prestigious. Many powerful mercenaries are afraid to go to World of Warcraft, but they are just hand-tied and so rash to send rations to World of Warcraft.
Can such good news just be let go?
Michelle is in a dilemma. On the one hand, it is a threat to her life, on the other hand, it is a dream realization. As the saying goes, there is no shop in this village. If she retreats today, she may never be able to live. Sophie has no courage to take risks. If there is hope to realize her dream?
The girl bit her teeth and gently took the sunglasses along the path in front of her eyes.
A person who wants to succeed needs luck in addition to opportunity and hard work, and Michelle prepares her life to prove this proverb.
Many tough mercenaries in this mountain dare not set foot in it, but this delicate girl turned her back. Her persistence seems to have moved even the creator, and she was not in danger all the way.
Now, although it is the middle of winter, many Warcraft hibernate, but some of them are not used to it. Half an hour later, Michelle arrived halfway up the mountain with the help of a goblin factory to distribute alchemy products, but nothing happened. She could simply buy lottery tickets.
The colorful butterflies kept returning new information. Lan Yunpeng and Julianne didn’t go all the way. The summit was too high, plants were scarce and the scenery was not good. At this time, they were about a kilometer away from them.
Although the heavy snow has covered up the breath, I won’t have magic Wushu, and I won’t have energy fluctuation troubles, but Lan Yunpeng and Julianne are, after all, peerless masters, and they will find it if they get close to them again.
"A kilometer?" Michelle frowned, which was a little far away. She took out a slap, a big rabbit pet from her pet. As the name suggests, it was created by magic to carry and raise pets.
The bond is that Michelle wears a beautiful ring in her hands, which is specially made by the Wizards Association. Even ordinary people can transport it. Of course, it is valuable, but she is the chief reporter of the divination news agency. She is very rich
This is a long-tailed rabbit, strictly speaking, it is also a kind of Warcraft, but it is super cute. It is not only docile in temperament, but also higher in IQ than the same level of Warcraft. Michelle takes out a small spar from her bag, which has a medium-order magic photo-taking technique and the function of the earth camera is similar.
"Xiaobai will depend on you soon." Michelle handed the magic shadow stone to the long-tailed rabbit, and the little guy took it with his front paws. It’s not surprising that after Michelle’s training, Cong Long-tailed rabbit has learned to help her take the photos she wants according to her owner’s requirements.

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