That’s not an ordinary cry. After hearing the ghost cry from Zhan Ji, the soldiers of the Girder Empire and the Pick Empire will be unbearable for ordinary monks, and they will squat directly with their heads.
Xu Ren didn’t expect this ghost domain monster to have such a baby. You know, this ghost domain monster confronts the other side without moving such a baby.
Of course, this baby may also be obtained after the ghost domain demon entered China. Anyway, Xu Ren felt that the black Zhan Ji was awesome and definitely not an ordinary baby.
Xu Ren’s mind has moved, and the seal of heaven and earth has reappeared. For Xu Ren, the seal of heaven and earth is still his greatest reliance on his baby, and he is not so used to it.
Immediately after the appearance of the wild seal, the wind grew up and directly expanded to a greater extent than that huge black Zhan Ji.
The ghost domain is fierce, and Xu Ren is no stranger to the natural shortage of seals.
Xu Rentian’s wild seal and the ghost domain demon that black Zhan Ji instantly collided together and made a thunderous noise.
And the black Zhan Ji collision with the ghost domain demon in the wild days is also a moment when the sky is overcast. Tearing and twisting together in two powerful forces actually caused sparks.
The black Zhan Ji with the ghost domain demon seal didn’t divide after the collision, but continued to stalemate. However, the black Zhan Ji and the black seal constantly released the impact force, and the impact force kept colliding, and the movement together was no less than that at the beginning of the confrontation between the two treasures.
Xu Ren’s hands are constantly changing and constantly instilling his strength into the wild seal.
With Xu Ren instilling his strength into the wild seal, the momentum of the wild seal was also increasing that day.
The Ghost Fierce has not been idle. He has six arms and four arms, all of which are Zhang’s hands holding weapons and constantly releasing black gas. The rod of black Zhan Ji is connected together. Except for four arms, the Ghost Fierce and the other two arms are folded in his chest, which is somewhat like Lingshan monks.
Xu Renhe’s ghost domain demon instilled strength into the wild seal and the black Zhan Ji, respectively. When the two treasures suddenly released two forces, the two forces met in half and made a dull sound.
"I didn’t expect that your hand could play such a powerful role, and it really deserves to be a human with wild blood."
After feeling the power of Xu Ren’s wild seal, the ghostly voice was also gloomy.
Xu Ren, of course, knew the meaning in the words of the ghost domain monster, fearing that the ghost domain monster knew that there was a shortage of blood in the family. It was this ghost domain monster who didn’t know the reality. The shortage of ink was given to the shortage of ink in the memory of the fairy statue. At the beginning, the fairy statue gave the shortage of ink to the shortage of ink, but the shortage of blood was more suitable for the shortage of ink.
Xu Ren has a better understanding of the history of the immortal statue, but the ghost domain monster doesn’t know it. That’s why Xu Ren is regarded as the inheritor of the barren clan.
"Your black Zhan Ji is not bad, but I feel that he should not come from the ghost domain, but more like a ghost. How do you get the ghost?"
After several confrontations, Xu Ren has found some breath information similar to that released by Zhan Ji from the memory of Xianzun. Those ghost cries are very powerful and permeated with mental attacks. Although there are ghost cries in the ghost domain, this ghost cry from Zhan Ji is different.
"Do you know that the people of the netherworld also like to study these?"
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, the ghost demon felt a little surprised. He really didn’t expect Xu Ren to know the underworld at such a young age.
Of course, the ghost domain monster is just some accident. If Xu Ren is really a barren family, even if the barren family is incomplete, he will have the opportunity to know the nether world.
"I know more than you can think of, and you have taken great pains to deal with my shortage, but it is not enough."
When Xu Ren spoke, his hands changed again, instilling more power into the wild seal.
As Xu Ren instilled more power into the wild seal, the wild seal also gave a buzz again.
"You this is not bad? Even if you are a descendant of the wild family, so reckless, it is also a death. "
The ghost domain demon didn’t expect Xu Ren to continue to exert his strength. According to Xu Renxiu, it is absolutely beyond his ability to set off the wild seal to such an extent.
"You really care. I’m not afraid of what you’re afraid of?"
Xu Ren smiled. If he is a descendant of the barren family, I really can’t be so ridiculous. But he has a stone to make up for the gods. That’s another matter.
"Since you want to die yourself, I’ll be you."
Seeing that his dark Zhan Ji had lost its strength, the ghost demon also directly instilled more power into his black Zhan Ji.
And with the strength of both sides instilling virtual China, there is a confrontational sound again.
This stalemate is not that Xu Ren has to work harder to see him, but he is now close to the limit.
Xu Ren immediately bite the tip of the tongue with a grind and force out one mouthful blood, which directly sprayed the wild seal on that side.
As Xu Ren one mouthful JingXie spray to the wild seal that day, the wild seal momentum immediately soared again.
Xu Ren felt that his strength was going to be drained by this side.
It’s been a long time since Shixu felt this way, because it’s big enough that he can exert his power as he ascends to heaven, and he doesn’t work so hard to push the seal of heaven and earth.
But today, the strength of the ghost domain is too strong, and there is also a shot from the dark black Zhan Ji, which is really tough to deal with. Xu Rencai is desperate
That day, Huangyin released a powerful power and directly forced the black Zhan Ji, a demon in the ghost domain, to retreat several feet away.
"You crazy, stop it or I will never let you go."
Although the ghost domain is fierce, he doesn’t want to die, but now Xu Ren’s posture is that he is rushing to die with him
"You can tell me that you didn’t destroy your Shenzhou days to regain peace."
Xu Ren added a few minutes of strength when he spoke.
That ghost demon is going crazy, and he knows that Xu Ren is a malicious character, but he didn’t expect it to be so cruel that he is more like a demon than this ghost demon.
There was another loud noise in the virtual space, and another city forced the black Zhan Ji of the ghost domain to retreat far away.
Almost at the same time, the three heads of the ghost domain spewed out a stream of black liquid, which soon flew to the black Zhan Ji.
The evil black liquid is also the life source of the ghost domain, and after getting those life sources, the black Zhan Ji of the ghost domain finally stopped its decline.
However, although the black Zhan Ji stopped its decline, it still managed to get rid of the oppression of the wild seal.
That demon knows that the situation is urgent, but he has lost all his means. He didn’t expect Xu Ren to be so hard.
In fact, if this ghost demon works as hard as Xu Ren, it will definitely be him, but this ghost demon can’t make up his mind, or it can be said that he cherishes his life more than Xu Ren.
It is precisely because this demon is more precious to his life than Xu Ren that he is doomed to defeat Xu Ren today.
The ghost domain demon has no longer wanted to spend any more time with Xu Ren, so he is ready to take away his black Zhan Ji and then leave this place first.
However, when he really wanted to withdraw the black Zhan Ji, he found that he couldn’t do it, because that day, the barren seal and the black Zhan Ji had entered a strange stalemate. If the ghost domain murderer forcibly took away the black Zhan Ji, it would be hit by the barren seal.

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