Nick Frey is now vaguely aware that something is wrong. His control over S.H.I.E.L.D. is gradually weakening, especially when Nick Frey routinely checks his action diary this year.
Although the transfer of low-level agents does not require approval, Nick Frey seems that these unusual low-level agents are nothing but the same.
This time, he went to London to check one thing.
He felt the same way before, but not as strongly as he does now. It seems that a bomb is about to explode.
quite a while
Nick Frey looked at Mark and said, "I’ll have Coulson send you Tahiti coordinates."
Mark one leng.
Cyclops has changed sex?
When Mark was suspicious, Nick Frey said, "But Ms. Carter must die before going to Tahiti."
Mark narrowed his eyes and looked at Fury.
Frey said, "There was an organization behind your bombing of new york Star Building six months ago."
Mark didn’t speak
Honest and trustworthy, Ma said he would not betray Hydra, and Mark kept his word.
Frey didn’t seem to want Mark’s answer, but said, "Ms. Carter should know something. I once went to London and found that the London branch has two unification, one is the shared office system of Sanfei Decoration Headquarters, and the other is their own independent external system."
Mark still smiles.
This is normal
The London branch was built from scratch by Ms Carter’s sister and her brother-in-law. Due to the particularity of the London House, agents of Aegis in the London branch were more or less associated with some nobles.
British aristocrats
The whole world knows that they boast of pure blood. They seem to be scum except their nobles, including the President of the United States.
What’s more, Ms. Carter has been trying to invade London Hydra since she retired, and she probably can’t find a breakthrough.
Or that sentence?
Ms Carter hasn’t finished yet.
Even the old woman who supported Carter’s sister to set up a London branch and live in Buckingham Palace has not finished yet.
quite a while
Mark nodded to Fury and said, "OK, I agreed on this point for Ms. Carter. It is the day when the news of Ms. Carter’s death comes out that Ms. Carter’s clone will enter the cultivation stage."
Fury said, "And the captain."
Mark raised his eyebrows and said, "Director Frey, your attitude has changed too fast. You called captain Britney some time ago, but now you don’t recognize anyone?"
Frey suddenly turned black. "I said the captain is still alive. It’s best not to go out for a while."
Mark said, "It’s up to me. At that time, there were so many agents of Aegis, the captain of the excavation team, and your new york office building?"
"I took part in this operation, including meeting the captain."
"… OK" Mark nodded and replied.
The horse is going to be blamed for the Aegis situation. Mark thinks it’s not a big deal to make a small step for the Aegis situation.
If Ms Carter wants to be reborn, she must die first.
It would be nice to sell it to S.H.I.E.L.D.
Cost-effective deal
Chapter 73 Tahiti Regeneration Base
Herman royal sanatorium
13th floor
Peggy Carter’s room is a little quiet. It’s perfect to be quiet
Sitting on the sofa, Mark took a sip of his own wave and looked at everyone in the room.
quite a while
Lying in the hospital bed, Captain Rogers held Ms. Carter’s face with one hand and smiled and said, "So I am doomed to die once."
Mark smiled.
That Cyclops with black braised eggs has obviously guessed that there is another mystery hidden in his bureau. This mystery has not appeared. It is probably because of fear that Ms. Carter will never appear as long as she dies.
Sharon Carter, who is next to the escort, thinks this conversation is a bit too mysterious.

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