Chapter two thousand seven hundred and thirty-six Master?
As people get closer, you can see that there are many swords near the sword washing pool, and most of them are baptized and refined.
There is a young woman sitting with a sword across her knees while washing bluestone beside the sword pool, closing her eyes and practicing.
Although I haven’t seen Su Mo for many years, I recognized this woman as Beiming Snow!
Compared with this time, the northern ghost snow is more beautiful and has a cold temperament, which is not much better than the four immortals in terms of appearance and tolerance!
North Ghost Snow is accompanied by a tall man in a white robe, with spotless long hair and extraordinary appearance.
Men’s singles hand behind slightly bent over what seems to be to persuade the north ghost snow.
However, the roar of the firm but gentle waterfall is not true.
Su Mo, the god of knowledge, swept past the North Ghost Snow, secretly nodded, and his eyes showed a hint of approval.
He’s the fastest practitioner in this world except him, and he belongs to Beiming Snow.
At this time, the northern ghost snow has cultivated to the ninth place in the life wheel!
Su Mo was asked to grant the secret method of martial arts to Bei Mingxue, and then she would have a chance to step into Zhenwu territory and condense Zhenwu Daoism!
Violet really got so many chances and adventures, and now she’s only practicing and returning to the real world, and the first phase is about to break through to the heaven and man period
And the northern ghost snow has not fallen much than his realm.
So it seems that Jian Chen and others have just said nothing exaggerated.
The northern ghost snow sword world must be paid great attention to, and it is possible to achieve this step by accumulating cultivation resources and combining opportunities and adventures with her talent.
Su Mo knows the man beside Beiming Snow.
What an empty period!
The real world is divided into one day, and the ghost hole is empty
This man has cultivated to the peak of true condition, such as Yue Hua Jian Xian Qi Xian Jun Yu and others.
The man seems to have some sleep and turned to look at Su Mo’s side. In his eyes, the sword light throughput flashed.
"This is a master!"
Su Mo heart andao
This man has cultivated kendo to the level of simplicity and ingenuity. In his eyes, the sword mans throughput and sharpness are hidden, and a powerful attack can break out at any time!
Although Su Mo has just stepped into the true realm, there is no true fairy level against the strong.
However, Wu Daozun had many wars between the true immortal and the strong, and he was no stranger to the depth of the true immortal and the strong.
Jian Chen’s face swept over the look of respect and worship. "This is our big brother Wanimal, and he is also the first sword fairy of Jian Feng!"
"Meet the master elder brother!"
Jian Chen and others are greeted by devoting to salute qi said
Wanimal smiled slightly, nodding his hands and said, "It turned out to be Jian Chen’s younger brother Chu Xuan, and you don’t have to bother."
North ghost snow still sits in bluestone and closes his eyes. It seems that he has turned a deaf ear to everything outside and has no intention of getting up.
"This is …"
Wanimal eyes turn Sue ink body asked.
Jian Chen hurriedly said, "This is Su Daoyou from heaven. I will take him around when I visit the sword world."
Hear’ Su Daoyou’ three words north ghost snow heart move.
But then she thought, "How is that possible? There are too many Godsworn named Su, but I’m stunned by this coincidence. "
"Alas, I haven’t heard from the master in these years, and I don’t know where the master has risen. What’s the situation now?"
Although Bei Mingxue still closed his eyes, he was disturbed by the words "Su Daoyou" to continue his practice.
"Welcome friends from heaven"
Wanimal smiled slightly. "Jian Jie Jian Xiu is mostly militant Su Daoyou. If you want to learn and communicate, you are always welcome."
Sue ink nodded with a smile.
Chu Xuan looked at Wanimal with a gleam of admiration and asked softly, "Brother Wang, what are you doing here?"
Wanimal slightly shook his head to look at the North Ghost Snow around him. "I’m here to find the North Ghost pool or want to persuade her to give up budo."
"If she is willing to give up budo, even if she starts practicing again, there will be no limit to her future achievements."
Jianchen tentatively asked, "It seems that Brother Wang still failed?"
Wanimal sighed with a wry smile and said, "Northern Ghost School Sister is still too stubborn. I can’t persuade her to move. I’m not white. It’s just a martial art. What’s there to stick to?"
Jian Chen also said that "martial arts is incomplete and martial sister Bei Ming can’t see hope if she continues to practice. This is necessary again."
Wanimal said, "I don’t recommend practicing martial arts even if it is perfect."
"Xian buddha magic’s cultivation of Buddhism and martial arts through the ages is just a Taoist created by a monk in the world. How can Xian buddha magic’s brilliant Taoism compete with limited achievements in the future?"
North Ghost Snow suddenly said, "But in the sword world, no matter which fairy buddha magic is cultivated, fairyland sword repair is no match for my sword! I am defeated by the sword in my hand! "
To this matter, Wanimal, Jian Chen and others were slightly speechless.
Silence a little Wanimal said, "Even so, what’s the future if you can stay in the fairyland by cultivating the realm?" You can beat the fairy, but can you beat the true fairy? "
"There is no doubt that you will never be able to compete with the condensed road if you practice martial arts forever!"
"Not necessarily"
At this time next to the silence Su Mo suddenly said 1.

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