Lin Yi suddenly struggled to sit up.
Many wounds on his body collapsed as a result, and blood oozed out in several places.
Su Jiner quickly held him down and said, "Are you crazy? What do you want to do?"
Lin Yi said excitedly, "How can I rest in bed when hundreds of thousands of enemy troops are in danger at home and abroad?" I’m going to find Bei Gong Sheep! I have to let him cure me … I can’t waste my perseverance to kill the enemy. If this disaster is caused by me, I have to bear the responsibility. I will never let Qin Dingfang succeed. I will never let the enemy occupy my country and slaughter my people, otherwise I will become a big sinner. "
Su Jiner said, "If you want to find Bei Gong sheep, you have to wait a few days for the injury to turn slightly. Besides, Phoenix Liancheng and Guanhong may not be able to stop the enemy, and you don’t have to be in such a hurry."
Lin Yi said, "Brocade is so anxious that she can’t wait any longer! Things are changing rapidly, and if we wait, the tide may be gone. "
Lin Yi clasped his wife’s hand.
Su Jin saw Lin Yi’s eyes full of anxiety.
Su Jiner will do judo. "Then I’ll help you up and I’ll dress you."
Su Jiner carefully helped Lin Yi up and dressed him.
Lin Yi said to Xiao Lian Qin again, "Lian Qin, you are quick to call my uncle and Chaoyang."
Soon Zuo Chaoyang, Zhou Liang, Zuo Jingjing, Mei Mei, Soybean, Hu Yanyuer, Ma Peiling and others all entered Lin Yi’s room.
Zeng Tengyun took the children and Tai Shilang and others to Hezhou to prevent the northern government from attacking Lin Yi seriously.
Zuo Chaoyang and others saw that Lin Yi was held up by Su Jiner and her eyes were full of anxiety, so they knew something big had happened.
Lin Yi looked at them and said, "At dawn today, more than 300,000 troops from the Western Prison launched an attack, and there were 50,000 or 60,000 defenders in our side, and I don’t know how long they could last …"
Everyone was shocked at the news.
Are not stupid.
Everyone knows the seriousness of the consequences
Suddenly, they all looked heavy and looked at Lin Yi without saying anything, waiting for Lin Yi to decide that the house was temporarily silent.
Lin Yi sorted out a thought and said, "Now I want to reach the southern king’s order!"
Everyone agreed, "Please order the South King!"
Lin Yi said to Zhou Liang, "Now there are more than 300 families in Jinzhou, such as the first deputy head of each sect. You Ma An arranged a boat to send them from the sea to the south for proper placement. I have other plans except for the family of the former head."
Zhou Liang said, "Yes!"
Then Zhou Liang hurried out to arrange it.
Lin Yi said to Soybean, "Bean, it is very important for the northern government or the western region to take 500 people to Hezhou to strengthen the defense theory. If you lose the head of Hezhou, you will take a message to Zeng Tengyun!"
Soybean and Ma Peiling said together, "Yes!"
Two people also turned out.
Lin Yi also said to Mei Mei, "Goddess, you must take the islanders back to the island as soon as possible, and remember to protect the island from illness."
Mei Mei said, "Yes!"
Finally, Lin Yi added, "Zuo Chaoyang, Xiao Lianqin, Miss Hu, you come to Beijing with me to find Bei Gong sheep, even if you dig it, you have to dig it out."
Zuo Chaoyang three people together said, "Yes!"
Su Jiner said, "What about me? I want to go with you!"
Lin Yi said, "Well, you can come with me."
Before Lin Yi ordered Xiao Lian Qin to prepare horses and chariots immediately.
So half an hour later, Lin Yi left Chaoyang and their guards set foot on Jingcheng Road.
The news of the invasion of the western region army also came.
Along the road, people from the government kept running into horses and galloping, and some towns rushed and shouted at the same time.
"Western invasion! The western regions have invaded the territory … "
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Master in Master (1)
The war between the two countries caused panic among all beings.

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