A particularly special and mysterious way of the Red Dress and the Chinese Empire War ended.
Everyone knows how the Red Shirt Club failed. History never misses the loser, but praises and praises the winner.
Whether it’s conspiracy and layout, forbearance and eruption, it will eventually be spent in the years.
But the war
Is it really over?
Walking in the depths of Xinghai, watching the rising of the moon, walking in every corner of Xinghai, seeing the prosperity of the world and the rise and prosperity of Terran.
"Everything is in ruins. Be a great Terran in this world."
Chen couldn’t help sighing lightly, looking at the empty and deep eyes with inexplicable brilliance. He suddenly said faintly, "When will you follow the seat?"
"Still don’t start work?"
Chen jilted to jilt sleeves faint smile.
165 Chapter 165 The universe BianHuang! Quasi-imperial war!
Heaven and earth, the sky and the universe are empty, and all is silent.
A virtual star is shining brightly, and several scary figures come from a distance.
Their whole body smells terrible, their blood and blood are shocking, and a drop of blood can suppress a star field!
Chen is always quiet and surrounded by these figures!
"When did you find us?"
A Tibetan black fog twisted virtual audio and video squeal and hoarse mouth calmly asked.
"Since the Terran just won a month ago."
Chen smiled and reached out for a recruit. The energy of the source was manifested far away, tens of thousands of light years away, and the clear mountain springs converged into glazed jade lamps.
"The people I sent didn’t come back alive and didn’t tell me that my successor didn’t succeed."
It’s a pity that Chen shook his head after drinking the mountain spring. "I always want to learn from the master, but I’m always inferior to the master."
Master’s subsequent hand can influence the success of Xinghai after several years, but his subsequent hand keeps failing.
This made Chen somewhat disappointed and sighed.
Does he follow in the footsteps of the master all his life?
"You sent those small things outside the ant area to suppress us. You have no appetite!"
A deep and remote cold voice suddenly sounded, and no one heard it, as if it sounded terrible and poor in the depths of my mind.
Chen smiled and did not speak.
"You led us all the way to the depths of the universe. Are you so confident that you can suppress us?"
Another old man in a red robe looked at Chen with a complicated face.
"We don’t want you to destroy the hard-won peace of the Terran when we talk about repression."
Chen ha ha a smile bright and clear "is not the first world war, if this victory I robbed the Soviet emperor mercy! Be the emperor of this world! "
"Do you think you can win?"
The man in the red robe sighed, "Go back! You have no chance of winning when the seven prospective emperors gather here! "
They are a group of people who have been terrorized from ancient times.
Everyone has the strength of quasi-emperor!
They have won several years, and everyone has fought against foreign myths and has not been killed!
This group of terrorists have survived to now and have exceeded Chen’s expectations.
His former red-robed man needed to be suppressed and solved. Unexpectedly, seven hidden quasi-emperors were checked out.
"look back? I have turned back! "
Chen smiled faintly. "I’m the Terran Emperor, but you let me turn around. Isn’t it a joke?"
"Hum, say more and kill him!"
"Don’t let outsiders in that domain know"
"No, I have calculated that his time will no longer be able to show that we are enemies in this life!"
Several foreign quasi-emperors communicate with each other in a carefree way.
No one in this world dares to bear it!
Ancient aliens also have their own secrets, and they also have their own horrors.
They witnessed the collapse of the race and the end of the most tragic era, the most miserable and bloody, and the most horrible people lived in their hands and endured the death of that person outside the territory!
If you die, this era still belongs to us, and then we can protect Xinghai Terran!
"The seven quasi-emperors were the least prepared to guard against the man’s subsequent cause, but he did it to the death, but now it seems that he is really dying and will not manifest again."
The young man in the red robe looked at Chen with pity and sighed again to persuade him, "Go back. He won’t help you. If you go back, I’d like you to intercede."
The sentence of young man in red robe hasn’t been finished yet. Suddenly, the hand shines with blood and tears, and it hits Chen in a flash!
"Yin and Yang show!"
Chen drinks a pair of eyes, and his palms must be pushed out horizontally, showing that the virtual shadow of Yin and Yang fish disappears in an instant.
The whole star field is shaking wildly. This is the edge of the universe. There is no life around it. Counting stars turns into powder in an instant.
Quasi-emperor Wei is so horrible!
Although Chen Yi’s blood spilled, he resisted the sneak attack of Emperor The Hunger, but he was also seriously injured.
"You are really hurt!"
The Hunger Huang Yince smiled. He kept communicating with Chen, but he was secretly ready to sneak attack, which proved that Chen was not at his peak.
"Raise your hand and destroy the red dress, it will be a sacred land, and Su Yu will cast the emperor’s body. Your source is still hurt!"
The Hunger emperor figure squeal contains anger and hatred "today I will be buried with you and me in red! ! !”
This human being is the younger brother of that man, and his strength is not underestimated, so he must be treated with all his strength.
But now it seems that it is too easy to beat him!
We can’t beat the myth of foreign countries, but we can’t win if he has an injured brother!
"A group of little people are also worthy of the emperor?"

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